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FaceTite in Philadelphia

FaceTite Philadelphia
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Facial skin is delicate and can get marked by wrinkles and fine lines with age.

Your skin can also lose its elasticity and firm structure – that can leave you with sagging skin and a face profile that makes you look much older than you actually are. Stress, lifestyle habits, excessive weight loss, diet, and exercise regimen can all affect your facial skin.

Subbio Plastic Surgery is a leading name in facial contouring and skin tightening treatment. Our advanced FaceTite treatment can easily help you achieve younger and naturally smoother facial appearance. If you want to restore the youthful contours of your face and achieve a naturally younger look, you want the best FaceTite Philadelphia has to offer.. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Christian Subbio.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a minimally invasive complete contouring solution that uses advanced skin tightening and liposuction to enhance your skin and facial appearance. FaceTite mirrors the results of a facelift – but with little downtime.

The procedure is carried out in the office and under local anesthesia and utilizes radiofrequency energy which is passed through a small probe that is placed under the skin. Moving the probe in a precise and calculated manner can help create new collagen – this, in turn, can result in the tightening of the skin tissue.

FaceTite Philadelphia

Philadelphia FaceTite Specialist

Trust is a big word in the world of cosmetic surgery. And we can say with all honesty that through the years Dr. Subbio has successfully managed to earn the trust and enduring admiration of all of his patients. 

FaceTite is a very popular and highly sought after treatment option at Subbio Plastic Surgery. We have a large number of patients who come to use with varying goals for improving their facial appearance. And we have successfully delivered the best results time after time for each and every patient of ours. 

Dr. Subbio’s motto is simple – if you’re happy, we’re happy. So if you are looking for the best FaceTite Philadelphia has to offer, then Subbio Plastic Surgery is your destination.  At Subbio Plastic Surgery Center & Medical Spa we offer our patients world-class procedures performed by our highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Christian Subbio.

FaceTite with Dr. Subbio

Dr. Subbio has an eye for detail and is meticulous and completely focused when it comes to achieving the goals and expectations of each of his patients. But what endears Dr. Subbio to his patients is his human-touch – he is a great listener and actively encourages patients to be open about their goals. He is also honest about end results. The fact that he can also infuse humor into his interactions with all his patients also makes him extremely approachable and adds to the trust element.

Dr. Subbio is a popular name when it comes to the best FaceTite in Philadelphia. He is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon and completely dedicated to his craft.

“Dr. Subbio is knowledgeable, professional and kind, and all of the staff in his office are amazing. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I had a wonderful experience!”- Satisfied Patient

Schedule Your Consultation for FaceTite in Philadelphia at Subbio Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa

If you are looking for the best FaceTite in Philadelphia, then call us at Subbio Plastic Surgery today and set up a consultation with expert surgeon Dr. Christian Subbio.

FaceTite FAQs

If you are looking to tighten the skin around the brows, the chin and jaw area, and mid-face without any kind of significantly serious facial surgery, then you can be a good candidate for FaceTite treatment.

Call us today to set up a consultation with Dr. Subbio and get to know if you are the right candidate for our minimally invasive FaceTite treatment.

A single FaceTite procedure can take up to two hours.

Even a single FaceTite treatment can deliver significant results. However, it all depends on your present skin condition and the expert assessment of Dr. Subbio. With some of our Philadelphia FaceTite patients, multiple sessions may be necessary in order to achieve optimal skin tightening results.

Our advanced FaceTite treatment can help firm up sagging facial tissues up to 40% instantly – the creation of collagen can deliver a significant lift to the target areas of your face including the upper, mid, or lower areas to reveal a more youthful appearance. The effects of FaceTite treatment are longer-lasting when compared to other non-surgical facelift options.

Six weeks post the FaceTite treatment, your body will build new collagen to improve the texture and look of the skin.

Some degree of bruising and swelling immediately after your FaceTite procedure is normal – these conditions will easily subside within a few days. You can go right back to your normal routine immediately following the skin tightening treatment.

Dr. Subbio will recommend specific medications to help alleviate any pain or discomfort post-procedure. You will also be advised on post-care instructions that will help in healing and recovery and also aid in ensuring the best results from your FaceTite procedure.

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In our office, you will be treated like a part of our family. It’s a relaxing, pressure-free haven where you can feel comfortable to ask all of your questions. We think you’ll sense immediately that we care as much about your safety and your beautiful results as you do. Contact us today for a consultation, and find out why Dr. Subbio has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and skilled plastic surgeons in Philadelphia.