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Balance and beauty are fundamentally intertwined.

If your breasts are too small for your frame, you might feel as though you look “bottom-heavy.” You may also have a hard time finding flattering clothing or feeling confident in a bathing suit. Many women use breast augmentation surgery to overcome these challenges and create more hourglass proportions. This safe, well-understood procedure has been helping women feel better about their bodies for decades.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christian Subbio provides women with multiple options for breast augmentation in Philadelphia. Whether your preferred implant is saline or silicone, round or teardrop-shaped, he has the skills and experience needed to create stunning results.


What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an umbrella term to define procedures that enhance the size of the breasts. This is traditionally done through the surgical placement of an implant into the chest beneath the breast to enhance its size and shape, adding fullness and volume. This helps the body appear more symmetrical and proportionate and augments your overall look.

Breast augmentation is different from other breast procedures (such as a breast lift) in that the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts are the primary areas of focus. A breast implant can make breasts appear larger, but it does not on its own move them higher up on the body. Other procedures such as breast lifts can be done at the same time as a breast augmentation to combine the beneficial results of both procedures and reduce downtime. During your consultation for a breast augmentation Philadelphia plastic surgeon, Dr. Subbio will listen attentively to your desires and work with you to review your options to help you achieve your perfect shape.

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Philadelphia Breast Implant Options

Due to innovations over the past 20 years, Philadelphia breast augmentation patients have more options than ever before when it comes to boosting the size and shape of their breasts. In addition to the size of the implant, the type, shape, and placement of the implants can alter the final results of the procedure.

Implant Types

Saline Implants

These are FDA-approved for women who are at least 18 years old. They aren’t available in as many different sizes and come only in a round shape. They may look less natural in patients with little natural breast tissue. They are more prone to rippling. If a rupture complication occurs, it’s easy to detect within a couple of weeks.

Silicone Implants

These are FDA-approved for women who are at least 22 years old. They are available in many different sizes and both round and teardrop shapes. They look and feel natural, even in women with little natural breast tissue. They are less prone to rippling. A periodic MRI is necessary to determine if the implant has ruptured.

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are a special type of silicone implant that got their name because the silicone inside resembles the texture of a gummy bear. They are FDA-approved for women who are at least 22 years old. Gummy bear breast implants are also called “cohesive” because they hold their shape when you move and are firmer to the touch. They are available in many different sizes and both round and teardrop shapes. They look and feel natural, even in women with little natural breast tissue. They are less prone to rippling. A periodic MRI is necessary to determine if the implant has ruptured.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

In this technique, liposuction is used to remove fat from areas where you have more than you want and then inject it into the breasts to make them larger. Dr. Subbio uses his training and experience as an artist to virtually sculpt the breasts through fat injections. The main advantage of this technique is that no incisions on the breasts are necessary. This is an option you can discuss with Dr. Subbio during your consultation.

Implant Shapes

Round Implants

Round implants are the traditional style of implant. If you are thinking of a breast implant and envisioning a silicone bag filled with saline, then you are picturing a round implant. Round implants are generally better for cleavage but tend to have a less natural look — especially in women who don’t have a lot of fat on their breasts naturally. Fat transfer procedures can sometimes be done at the same time as a round implant to make round implants look more natural.

Teardrop Implants

Teardrop implants mirror the shape of natural breasts, and as such, tend to look more natural than round implants. However, there is a possibility that they may shift over time if they are not textured. Many teardrop implants are textured to reduce this possibility. Dr. Subbio will go through the advantages and disadvantages of these implants during your consultation.

Implant Placement

Subglandular Placement

Subglandular placement refers to implants that are placed behind the breast glands but above the muscles beneath. This method allows for faster healing times as the muscles beneath the implant are not damaged. It is recommended for women who have a decent amount of breast volume already, as the implants can be safely hidden there without being obvious.

Submuscular Placement

Submuscular placement is a treatment where the muscles beneath the breasts are lifted and the implant is placed beneath them. Because the muscles have to be adjusted, it can take longer to recover from a submuscular implant. However, submuscular implants are often more natural-looking and more difficult to detect as they are deeper in the body. This is particularly true in small, slender frames that lack the natural breast volume to conceal a subglandular implant.


Will Dr. Subbio Advise Me On Which Type of Implant is Right for Me?

Yes. Dr. Subbio will measure you and discuss all of the pros and cons of different implant sizes, types, and placements. He wants to make sure that you can feel confident that you’ve made the right decision.

In addition to all the considerations above, the width of the implant is very important. For example, if you choose a wider or narrower implant than your natural breasts, the result will look strange. The height of the implant is also important, or it won’t look right on your body frame.

You will also choose the “projection” of the implant, which means the amount that the breast projects from the chest when you stand in profile.


Dr. Subbio’s No Touch Breast Augmentation Technique

Philadelphia breast augmentation patients who are looking for shorter surgeries with faster recovery times and less scarring should consider Dr. Subbio’s No Touch Breast Augmentation technique for their surgeries.

There are several advantages to Dr. Subbio’s No Touch method, so named because it allows breast implants to be placed without being touched by human hands.

The No-Touch technique is an improvement upon traditional breast augmentation procedures because:

  • It shortens your time in surgery by up to 20 minutes.
  • It allows for an incision about half the size as that of traditional Breast Augmentation, which also makes for shorter scars.
  • It causes less trauma to the tissue around the incisions, which means the scars are usually less pronounced.
  • It reduces the possibility of infection after surgery, which also reduces the risk of capsular contracture, a potential complication of Breast Augmentation.

No Touch Breast Augmentation Procedure

After Dr. Subbio makes the agreed-upon incision, he creates a pocket either above or below the chest muscle, which will hold the implant.

He then uses a device called a Keller Funnel, which works similarly to a pastry bag used in baking. The implant is placed in the bag, and the tip of the bag is inserted into the incision. As the bag is squeezed, the implant moves into the pocket without anyone having to touch the implant.

The No Touch Breast Augmentation prevents bacteria from entering into the body and possibly causing infection, which could lead to the complication of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant. While it isn’t a common complication, it usually requires breast implant revision to correct it. After the implants have been placed in both breasts, Dr. Subbio closes the incisions with sutures and covers them with dressings.

The Breast Augmentation Process

Breast augmentation can increase the size of your breasts by one or more cup sizes, depending on your anatomy.

Implants can be filled with either saline (saltwater) solution or thick silicone gel. Most women prefer silicone implants because they more closely resemble the consistency of natural breast tissue, but saline implants are a better choice for some patients. Breast implants also come in different shapes, allowing each breast augmentation to be customized to suit the patient’s unique body and preferences.

Because breast augmentation is such a personal choice, Dr. Subbio will make sure you have as much information as you need to make the right decision for you about these variables during your initial consultation. You will have plenty of time to ask whatever questions you have. Dr. Subbio will make recommendations at your request to give you the benefit of his expertise so you can make the best decision about your procedure.

Surgery Day

Surgery Day

Breast augmentation surgery usually only takes one to two hours to perform, and patients can return home soon after they have surgery without having to spend the night in the hospital. It is important for patients to make sure they have someone to drive them home following their procedures, as they may not be able to drive themselves following the surgery.


Breast Augmentation Recovery

Philadelphia breast augmentation patients who are looking for shorter surgeries with faster recovery times and less scarring should consider Dr. Subbio’s No Touch Breast Augmentation technique for their surgeries.

Recovery from breast augmentation happens in stages. Following the procedure, patients will want to make sure they have a day or two to dedicate to recovery, as they will be sore following the procedure. They should also avoid immersing themselves in water for at least 48 hours following surgery to reduce the risk of infections.

Most of our breast augmentation patients feel like they are up to returning to work within five days of surgery, depending on the nature of their work. As recovery continues, patients will want to avoid physical contact with the breasts or upper body exercising for at least three weeks following surgery. You will wear a special support bra developed to encourage the healing process for the duration of your recovery.

Dr. Subbio believes the recovery process is incredibly important to successful surgeries. He takes the time to make sure his patients have all the information they need to manage their recoveries properly, with check-ups to ensure that the healing process is happening as planned.

Down Time Chart

Back to work: 3-5 days
Physical contact with breasts: 3-4 weeks
No upper body exercising: 3-4 weeks
Fading of scars: several months to a year or more.
Breast implant revision

What is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast revision surgery, also known as breast implant revision or corrective breast surgery is a procedure performed to correct previous breast augmentation surgery. Typically, it is performed to fix a complication, replace breast implants, or improve the overall aesthetic result.

For Dr. Subbio’s patients in Philadelphia breast implant revision can improve breast shape, remove scar tissue, re-lift the breast, and improve breast size and overall body proportions. Breast revision has also been used to swap out breast implants for a more desired type or for fat transfer breast enhancement, rather than implants.

Dr. Subbio has an artistic eye and the gifted hands to deliver truly stunning and artistic results for primary breast augmentation surgery and a breast implant revision. He can repair the results of previous surgery and help you eliminate those feelings of regret when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Breast Implant Revision Procedure

The surgery is highly customized depending upon the issues you face and the corrections you need. Dr. Subbio will let you know his surgical plan for you prior to the date of your surgery. His goal is always to give you a beautiful result with minimal scarring. The surgery time varies depending on your particular case.

Breast Implant Revision can usually be performed using just a local anesthetic and sedation. While you won’t be fully asleep, you’ll be very relaxed, and you won’t feel any pain. You’ll be groggy afterward, though, so please bring someone along to make sure you get home safely.

All surgeries involve some discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, though. Most of our Philadelphia Breast Implant Revision patients find that the discomfort after is less than they expected, and we’ll give you pain medication to help you get through your recovery as easy as possible. During your recovery, you can text or call Dr. Subbio at any time if you have questions.

Dr. Christian Subbio, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Philadelphia

Recovery from Breast Implant Revision

You can expect some swelling, bruising, itching, tenderness, and a feeling of tightness for a week or two.

Sutures will either dissolve on their own, or we’ll remove them about a week after your surgery. Breast Implant Revision is usually an outpatient procedure, so after a short period of recovery time, you can go home the same day.

You will wear a special support bra and sleep on your back for about 4 weeks. We ask that you refrain from strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks. Most of our Philadelphia Breast Implant Revision patients go back to work within a week, but it will depend upon the extent of your particular surgery.

How do I know if I need Breast Implant Revision?

If you have had a poor result from a previous Breast Augmentation or need to replace breast implants, you might wish to have a Breast Implant Revision.

Sometimes, Breast Implant Revision is needed after a capsular contracture, a complication from Breast Augmentation in which scar tissue forms around the breast implants. In other cases, a woman might wish to change the size or type of her implants. Other women may feel that placement of the implants over the chest muscle has resulted in an unnatural look or feel, so they may decide to have revision surgery to place the implants under the chest muscle.

Breast Augmentation Results

Philadelphia Breast Augmentation Results

The results of breast augmentation develop in stages. Immediately after your procedure, your breasts will be swollen, making them look larger than they are. You’ll be able to see your actual breast size four to six weeks after surgery, once this swelling subsides.

Most women report a very high level of satisfaction after having breast augmentation: According to a study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 98% of breast augmentation patients say their procedure either met or exceeded their expectations.

Your breasts will continue to change for up to six months following breast augmentation surgery. At first, your breasts will look higher and rounder than you expected. As your implants descend fully into the breast pocket and the tissue around them expands, your breasts will take on a more natural slope. This process is sometimes called “dropping and fluffing.”

How Do I Know If a Breast Augmentation Is Right for Me?

If you are dissatisfied with the size of your breasts, breast augmentation might be a good choice for you. Enlarging your breasts can create a more proportional figure, making it easier to find flattering clothes and feel good about your appearance.

Take the first step to becoming the best version of yourself.

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