Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation at Subbio Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation can have a drastic effect on a woman’s form. It can help her “fill out a bra”, match her breasts to her body shape, restore her shape to her pre-child-bearing years, or simply make her feel more feminine and increase her confidence. Some women prefer mild changes, some prefer more pronounced results, but regardless of what your goals are, it is important your Philadelphia plastic surgeon have an artistic eye for the female form.

The Procedure

Procedure: Enhance the size of breasts using silicone or saline implants.

Length: 1 to 2 hours.

Anesthesia: General.

In/Outpatient: Outpatient.

Results: Variable. Implants may require removal or replacement.

Down Time Chart

Back to work:3-5 days
Physical contact with breasts:3-4 weeks
No upper body exercising:3-4 weeks
Fading of scars:several months to a year or more.

But what are his results like?

Ask my Patients! Look at RealSelf.

“I saw a video by Dr. Subbio on RealSelf, and I met with him twice before my explant surgery. He answered every question I had and gave me his cell number for any questions that may pop into my brain. He didn’t try to push me into getting replacements or a lift, tho he did… Read More »


“Dr. Subbio was very polite and kind. His nurse was just as great. I am so excited for the future relationship I have with his practice. I felt respected and just so excited. I was educated on the pros and cons of breast augmentation, he explained between round and shaped silicone breast augmentation and how… Read More »


“Dr. Subbio and his friendly staff immediately put me at ease. They listened to my concerns and offered filler solutions. Dr. Subbio has exquisite artistic talent and an eye for detail. I am thrilled with my results and will certainly return. The office is very clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Subbio.”


“My experience with Dr. Subbio was fabulous! As a 52 year old first timer for ANY cosmetic assistance, I was extremely nervous. Dr. Subbio and his staff not only put my mind at ease, but their work is meticulous. What I love the most is the look Dr. Subbio was able to create – softer… Read More »


Breast Augmentation FAQs

If you are dissatisfied with the size of your breasts, Breast Augmentation might be a good choice for you. Enlarging your breasts can provide better figure proportion, greater self-confidence about your appearance, and help your clothes to fit better.

There are several advantages to the No Touch method, so named because it allows breast implants to be placed without being touched by human hands:

  • It shortens your time in surgery by up to 20 minutes.
  • It allows for an incision about half the size as that of traditional Breast Augmentation, which also makes for shorter scars.
  • It causes less trauma to the tissue around the incisions, which means the scars are usually less pronounced.
  • It reduces the possibility of infection after surgery, which also reduces the risk of capsular contracture, a potential complication of Breast Augmentation. (See more details about this technique below.)

Yes, this is an option you can discuss with Dr. Subbio. In this technique, Liposuction is used to remove fat from areas where you have more than you want, such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, or thighs. The fat is removed through small incisions, in which a tube called a cannula is inserted. The cannula is then attached to a suction device for extraction of the fat.

The fat is then purified and treated in a centrifuge and injected into the breasts to make them larger. Dr. Subbio uses his training and experience as an artist to virtually sculpt the breasts. A main advantage is that no incisions on the breasts are necessary.

This method is not recommended for all women, however. In some cases, fat transfer can be used to enhance Breast Augmentation with implants to make sure the results are symmetrical and full.

No. Breast Augmentation only increases the size of your breasts. If your breasts have begun to sag, you may wish to have a Breast Lift with Implants, which combines Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift.

Absolutely! During your consultation, Dr. Subbio can hand-draw a projected result right in the office or use Vectra 3D technology to help you choose the implant size you prefer.

Yes. He will measure you and discuss all of the pros and cons of different implant sizes and types so that you can feel confident that you’ve made the right decision.

The width of the implant is very important, for example, because if you choose a wider or narrower implant than your natural breasts, the result will look strange. The height of the implant is also important, or it won’t look right on your body frame.

You will also choose the “projection” of the implant, which means the amount that the breast projects from the chest when you stand in profile.

Yes, they do. Rounder implants provide more cleavage. Implants with a teardrop shape provide less cleavage but are thought to look more natural. The one you choose is simply a matter of preference.

There are three types of implants:

Saline Implants:

  • These are FDA-approved for women who are at least 18 years old.
  • They aren’t available in as many different sizes and come only in a round shape.
  • They may look less natural in patients with little natural breast tissue.
  • They are more prone to rippling.
  • If a rupture complication occurs, it’s easy to detect within a couple of weeks.

Silicone Implants:

  • These are FDA-approved for women who are at least 22 years old.
  • They are available in many different sizes and both round and teardrop shapes.
  • They look and feel natural, even in women with little natural breast tissue.
  • They are less prone to rippling.
  • A periodic MRI is necessary to determine if the implant has ruptured.

Gummy Bear Implants:

  • These are a special type of silicone implant.
  • They are FDA-approved for women who are at least 22 years old.
  • They are called “cohesive” because they hold their shape when you move and are firmer to the touch.
  • They are available in many different sizes and both round and teardrop shapes.
  • They look and feel natural, even in women with little natural breast tissue.
  • They are less prone to rippling.
  • A periodic MRI is necessary to determine if the implant has ruptured.

No. Breast Augmentation is usually performed using local anesthesia and sedation.

No. Breast Augmentation is an outpatient procedure, so after a short period of recovery time, you can go home the same day, provided you have someone available to drive you home.

There are different types of incisions used in breast enlargement surgery. Dr. Subbio will recommend incisions for you based on your anatomy, medical history, type of implant, and your preference.

  • Periareolar incisions are made around the darker skin of the areolas.
  • Inframammary incisions are made under the crease of the breasts.
  • Transaxillary incisions are made under the armpits.

This is a decision that you and Dr. Subbio will make together. When the implants are placed over the chest muscle, it’s called subglandular placement. Since this placement means there will be less natural breast tissue over the implant, it works best with silicone implants because they have a more natural feel.

When the implants are placed under the chest muscle, it’s called submuscular or subpectoral placement. This position may be better for women getting saline implants or women who have small natural breasts because the placement will provide more natural breast tissue over the implants. This allows the breasts to feel more like real breasts.

After Dr. Subbio makes the agreed-upon incision, he creates a pocket either above or below the chest muscle, which will hold the implant.

He then uses a device called a Keller Funnel, which works similarly to a pastry bag used in baking. The implant is placed in the bag, and the tip of the bag is inserted into the incision. As the bag is squeezed, the implant moves into the pocket without anyone having to touch the implant. This prevents bacteria from entering into the body and possibly causing infection, which could lead to the complication of capsular contracture.

Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant. While it isn’t a common complication, it usually requires revision breast augmentation to correct it.

As mentioned above, the No Touch technique also allows for a shorter surgery time, shorter incisions (resulting in shorter scars), and less trauma to the tissues, which can result in less prominent scars.

After the implants have been placed in both breasts, Dr. Subbio closes the incisions with sutures and covers them with dressings.

You’ll be anesthetized during your surgery, so you’ll feel no pain. All surgeries involve some discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, though. Most women find that the discomfort after Breast Augmentation is less than they expected, and we’ll give you pain medication to help you get through your recovery as easily as possible. Plus, you can text or call Dr. Subbio at any time with your questions!

The surgery usually takes about 1 hour.

You can expect some swelling, bruising, and a feeling of tightness for a week or two. Sutures will either dissolve on their own, or we’ll remove them about a week after your surgery. 

You will wear a special support bra for a few weeks.

Definitely! Dr. Subbio is dedicated to making sure you recover as easily as possible with excellent results at his Philadelphia practice.

Most women go back to work within 3 days.

You can expect some bruising after Breast Augmentation, but it’s usually minimal and goes away quickly.

We ask that you refrain from strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for about a month.

There are scars, but under the breast crease or around the areolas, the scars are discreet. Over time, the scars will also flatten, fade, and become less noticeable.

Yes, but it’s better if you sleep on your back for about 4 weeks.

Yes. Your implants shouldn’t affect pregnancy or breast feeding.

Yes. Implants do not usually affect mammography.

Yes, but it will take a few weeks for all of the swelling to resolve. Until then, you will not be able to see your final results.

Today’s implants usually last 10-20 years.

Breast Lift is often combined with Breast Augmentation to lift sagging breasts while also increasing their size.

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Dr. Subbio is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery.

He was inspired to become a surgeon after learning about plastic surgeons who volunteer their skill and artistic vision to help cleft lip and burn victims in India. Once he became a surgeon, he began volunteering himself, traveling to third world countries to perform procedures.

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