Philadelphia has never really been known for tummy tuck, or mommy makeover, or liposuction, or any plastic surgery really. UNTIL NOW. Dr. Subbio is putting Philadelphia plastic surgery on the map with his unique and innovative approach to body sculpting. But it’s not the fact that he’s the first on the Main Line to offer VASER high-definition liposuction. It’s not that he’s the first to combine the cutting technology of BodyTite with the brand new MorpheusRF. It’s not that’s he’s travelled to South America and Australia to learn from the world-renown masters. 

It’s that he’s an Artist. 

And not in the sense that *most* plastic surgeons like to fancy themselves artists. Take a look at his artwork featured on this site. Look at his drawing, paintings, videography, and then, at his results. You’ll see why he’s quickly becoming known as the innovative Artist-Surgeon of Philadelphia. Because that’s what his result are: Art. The shadows, the curves, the attention to detail. 

If you’re searching for the right surgeon to transform you, look no further. Become Dr. Subbio’s next work. His next success story. His next masterpiece. 

Become Art. 

Welcome to Subbio Plastic Surgery.