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Facelift in Philadelphia

Facelift Philadelphia
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Subbio Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa is among the premium cosmetic surgery practices offering Facelifts in Philadelphia.

Facial skin and muscles experience greater loss of volume and elasticity as the years pile on. Gravity also takes its toll, contributing to the effects of facial aging. As we get older, we may begin to notice folds, creases, and contours that can make us appear older, tired, or stressed.

These conditions can be effectively resolved with an expert facelift. In addition to ameliorating signs of aging, a facelift surgery performed by Dr. Subbio can help restore a youthful facial appearance. In fact, in the hands of a specialist like Dr. Subbio, a facelift can easily melt years off of your appearance.

Facelift Vs. Non-Surgical Treatments

All too often, non-plastic surgeons try to sell patients on simpler procedures they are able to do, when in fact what that patient needs is a facelift. While certainly many aspects of facial aging can be addressed with Botox or injectables, some patients will need more.

The effects of a well-executed facelift can be dramatic, taking literally years off of one’s appearance. How many times have you looked in the mirror, gently pulling your cheek to the side to see how much younger you look? This is what a facelift can achieve.

However, one must be careful in choosing a facelift surgeon. Dr. Subbio has the artistic sensibilities to avoid the “operated” appearance so common in Hollywood, giving just the right amount of lift without overriding it. The incisions are well-hidden, and in the end, this is one of the most powerful interventions to turn back the clock.

Facelift Philadelphia

Is a Facelift Right For Me?

If you have tried simpler procedures such as Botox, but are not happy with the results, then you might want to seriously consider a facelift surgery.

Dr. Subbio is highly skilled and experienced in facelift surgical procedures. Our patients are often thrilled beyond expectations at their dramatic transformations after undergoing a facelift. The right kind of facelift can make you look younger without giving you that “tightly pulled or plastic” look. And the only way you can achieve this look is by going to an expert such as Dr. Subbio.

Patients come to Dr. Subbio because he is a master in this field – his understanding of the human anatomy combined with his artistic sensibilities and advanced skills as a cosmetic surgeon have firmly established him as a leading name for the best facelift Philadelphia has to offer.

Dr. Subbio - Philadelphia Facelift Specialist

The Facelift Procedure

During a typical Facelift, Dr. Subbio will make incisions that run right along the hairline to the temples and the back of the ears, to help tighten and lift loose skin and muscles. This can help address any folds, creases, and unwanted contours that give that “aged” look. In some patients, the upper neck might also need a lift.

Some of our Philadelphia Facelift patients might also need a liposuction to remove facial fat to achieve desired results. Facial fat grafting is another technique used which can help fill areas that have lost their natural volume.

Which technique suits you the best depends on a number of factors such as the degree of loose and droopy skin, your age, and the results you desire. These are issues that Dr. Subbio will discuss with you in detail during your one-on-one consultation.

Real Patients. Real People.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Reviews


“Dr. Christian Subbio performed my surgery and I could not be happier. He is an excellent doctor. Prior to surgery, he took the time to answer any and all questions and concerns I had. Dr. Subbio is extremely talented and I am so happy I chose him. Choosing Dr. Subbio to do my surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I would definitely recommend him to everyone considering having cosmetic surgery, you will be glad you did!!”

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What Can I Expect After a Facelift Surgery?

Post the procedure, your head will be wrapped to prevent swelling. It is normal to experience some degree of swelling, bruising, and tenderness, as well as a feeling of tightness for around two weeks after your facelift surgery. These conditions will slowly subside. You might also experience some burning, numbness, and itching for some time in the incision area. The sutures will be removed about a week after the surgery.

In some cases, patients might need drains behind the ears to help drain out post-surgical fluids. You will be instructed on how to empty these each night – the drains will be removed within a day or two during your follow-up appointment after the surgery.

Down Time Chart

Operating time: 2 to 3 hours
Back to work: 10 to 14 days
More strenuous activity: 2 weeks or more
Must limit exposure to the sun: Several months

Facelift FAQs

If you have any of the following, a Facelift (Rhytidectomy) might be a good choice for you:

  • Sagging jowls/jawline
  • Sagging or sunken cheeks
  • Deep creases or folds around the nose and mouth such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines

If you have a sagging jawline, if your cheeks have a hollow sunken look, or if the area around your nose and mouth show deep creases and folds, then you can be a good candidate for a facelift.

Absolutely! During your consultation for a Facelift Philadelphia plastic surgeon, Dr. Subbio will ask you what bothers you about the way you look. Then, he’ll tell you exactly which procedure will give you the results you’re after, and he’ll explain what you can expect. He’ll even hand-draw you a projected result right in the office!

Most patients who have a Facelift are over the age of 40, but it depends on the individual. Some younger patients may be able to correct minor signs of aging through laser treatments and/or injectables such as Botox, facial fat grafts, or dermal fillers.

You will be sent home with a wrapping around your head to prevent swelling. Some patients also have drains behind the ears to capture post-surgical fluids. You will empty these each night per our instructions, and we will remove them during a follow-up appointment a day or two after your surgery.

You can expect some swelling, bruising, tenderness, and a feeling of tightness for about two weeks. We will remove your sutures in about a week after your surgery. Some patients also experience some itching, burning, numbness, and/or tingling for a short time around the incision.

No. A Facelift is an outpatient procedure, so after a short period of recovery time, you can go home the same day, provided you have someone available to drive you home.

In this technique, incisions are made only behind the ears. This only works for patients who require less lifting of the facial tissue.

You’ll be anesthetized during your surgery, so you’ll feel no pain. All surgeries involve some discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, though. Most people find that the discomfort after a Facelift is less than they expected, and we’ll give you pain medication to help you get through your recovery as easy as possible. Plus, you can text or call Dr. Subbio at any time with your questions!

Most people go back to work within 7-14 days.

We ask that you refrain from strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for about 6 weeks.

Definitely! Dr. Subbio is dedicated to making sure you recover as easily as possible with excellent results.

Yes, but please sleep on your back for 2 weeks and elevate your head for at least the first week. You might find that it’s more comfortable to sleep upright for a couple of nights.

They’ll last a long time, but the aging process does continue. Depending on your age when you have the surgery, you may need a revision Facelift within 8-12 years.

No, a Facelift only improves signs of aging from the cheeks to the upper neck.

In most cases, Facelift surgery can be done under local anesthesia and sedation. Dr. Subbio may suggest a general anesthesia for some patients, however.

The surgery usually takes 2-3 hours.

No, a facelift is not painful. As mentioned above, we use local anesthesia and sedation during the procedure. So, you will be completely relaxed and will feel no pain.

You can expect some bruising after a Facelift, but it’s usually minimal and goes away quickly.

You can wash your hair after the dressings have been removed from the incision areas. For 3 weeks after surgery, please refrain from using hair dye or appliances with heating elements such as a hairdryer or curling iron.

There is a scar, but it is hidden within the hairline and behind the ears. Over time, it will flatten, fade, and become less noticeable.

For the most part, yes, but there may be some residual swelling for a few months that prevent you from seeing the final result right away. This swelling will not be noticeable to others, however.

A Facelift is sometimes combined with a Brow Lift, Neck Lift, or Eyelid Surgery. Many patients find that laser treatment, facial fillers, facial fat grafting, or BOTOX help to “finish” the facelift by improving fine lines or areas with lost volume.

You can expect some degree of visible results immediately after the surgery. However, the final results can take a few months – as the residual swelling subsides, the results become more visible.

The effects of a facelift can last for a long time. Depending on the age when you come in for a facelift, you may need a revision Facelift within 8-12 years.

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In our office, you will be treated like a part of our family. It’s a relaxing, pressure-free haven where you can feel comfortable to ask all of your questions. We think you’ll sense immediately that we care as much about your safety and your beautiful results as you do. Contact us today for a consultation, and find out why Dr. Subbio has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and skilled plastic surgeons in Philadelphia.