Reconstructive Surgery Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery involves much more than just cosmetic procedures. Dr.Subbio also specializes in the art of reconstructive surgery, helping those deformed by trauma, cancer, and congenital diseases.

From microsurgical breast reconstruction after mastectomy, to rebuilding a nose after an aggressive skin cancer, to fixing cleft lips in South America, Dr. Subbio remains passionate about applying aesthetic principles to those in need of reconstruction. He treats these conditions with the same attention to detail and beauty as he does his cosmetic patients. The challenge and reward of this aspect of plastic surgery has always been close to his heart.

​Breast Cancer Reconstruction

One of Dr. Subbio’s greatest passions is helping women through one of the most difficult times they can experience: a diagnosis of breast cancer. So much so, that he dedicated an extra year of training in fellowship studying under renowned plastic surgeon Steven Vega in Rochester, NY. There he learned the cutting edge techniques of Microsurgery, whereby one can reconstruct and sculpt new breasts using the fatty abdominal tissues of a patient who has undergone mastectomy. The technique is so fine and delicate that often an operating microscope is used to assist in sewing the tiny blood vessels together to transfer the tissue to the chest. For the past four years he has been the only surgeon in the Lehigh Valley to perform high volumes of the DIEP microsurgery procedure, and the only to have performed TUG and SIEA breast reconstruction.

Dr. Subbio is also well-versed in Implant-based breast reconstruction, and uses the latest in shaped expander and newer, shaped (“gummy bear”) implants to make the result look as natural as possible.

Breast cancer cases are where Reconstruction meets Aesthetics, and Dr. Subbio prides himself on being a highly-trained surgeon whose dedication to meticulous technique and perfection yield truly remarkable results. These inspiring women continue to be the most fulfilling aspect of his daily job, and close to his heart.

Skin Cancer Evaluation & Reconstruction

Skin cancer is incredibly common, and removing these areas can lead to defects which can be tricky to close. This is especially true for those areas around the face which are so cosmetically sensitive. Dr. Subbio is an expert in performing all sorts of skin cancer operations, either in conjunction with a talented dermatologist, or on his own. Whether he is performing skin-grafting or rearranging skin to conceal a wound, he will make the resulting scar as inconspicuous as possible. Trust your skin cancer removal to a specialist who knows all the techniques for the best cosmetic results!

​Scar Revision

Have a scar that has bothered for what seems like ages? Self-conscious about that reminder of a past trauma? Dr. Subbio employs the most advanced techniques to revise and minimize scarring. From simple revisions, to dermabrasions, to filler-injections, to “geometric broken line closures”, Dr. Subbio can make you feel confident again by surgically blurring any scar as much as possible. Again, trust your result to a specialist who understands cosmetic surgery and all the tricks needed to hide and minimize scarring.