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Facial Plastic Surgery

No other part of one’s body is on more obvious display than the face.

It is the center of focus in each of our social interactions, and can drastically influence not only the way others perceive our mood and well-being, but the way we feel about ourselves as well. Here, millimeters can make a difference. Dr. Subbio has the meticulous nature and skills to make facial changes subtle yet at the same time with a drastic effect.

​Brow Lift

As we age, our brows lose their “lift” and begin to droop down over the upper rims of our eyes. This has the unwanted effect of making us look tired, angry, stern, or unhappy. A subtle lift, through various hidden incisions can take years off of ones face and restore the refreshed look and brightness to one’s eyes.

Upper Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Much like the brows, the skin of the upper eyelids can droop and become excessive, gathering over the normally wide and bright “windows to the soul”. This excess skin can not only make one look tried and drowsy, but even obstruct one’s vision! Through hidden incisions, Dr. Subbio can remove this excess skin and restore the smooth, attractive contours of the youthful upper lid crease.

Lower Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Have you looked back at old pictures of yourself and noted how smooth and youthful your eyes once were? Lower lids can suffer from a not only gathering of excess and wrinkled skin, but also from bulging of fat and “bags”, giving a sleep-deprived and aged appearance. Through hidden incisions, Dr. Subbio can remove this excess skin and fat to restore the smooth contours of youth. The effects can be dramatic in how these small moves can rejuvenate one’s face.


All too often, non-plastic surgeons try to sell patients on simpler procedures they are able to do, when in fact what that patient needs is a facelift. While certainly many aspects of facial aging can be addressed with botox or injectables, some patients will need more.
The effects of a well-executed facelift can be dramatic, taking literally years off of one’s face. How many times have you looked in the mirror, gently pulling your cheek to the side to see how much younger you look? This is what a facelift can achieve. However, one must be careful in choosing a facelift surgeon. Dr. Subbio has the artistic sensibilities to avoid the “operated” appearance so common in Hollywood, giving just the right amount of lift without overriding it. The incisions are well-hidden, and in the end this is one of the most powerful interventions to turn back the clock.

​Neck Lift

A smooth and well-defined neck and jawline is a hallmark of youth. As we age, the neck tissue become loose and fall downwards, obscuring the once-crisp jawline. This can lead to a pouch of loose skin below the chin, and in more severe forms, a waddle of skin and fat that hangs to totally obliterate the neck. Using hidden incisions, Dr. Subbio can remove the excess skin, suction the excess fat, and tighten the neck muscles to make the jawline and neck much more well-defined with smooth angles. Often this is combined with a lower face lift to address the jowls.

​Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

The nose is the centerpiece of the face. The smallest excess skin, cartilage, or upturned angle can have drastic effects on one’s appearance. It is for this reason that Rhinoplasty is known among plastic surgeons as one of the most intricate and difficult operations which can be undertaken. Dr. Subbio uses his artistic vision and subtle, delicate, and meticulous techniques to manipulate the shape of the nose in a most controlled fashion. The effects can be dramatic and truly create facial harmony where there was once imbalance.

Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Dr. Subbio loves performing otoplasty, particularly in younger children who have been teased and bullied by their peers at school. Ears that protrude far from one’s head can be sculpted by trimming and suturing cartilage to mold them further back against the scalp. While it requires an eye for what an “esthetic ear” looks like, if performed correctly and with skill, the results appear quite natural. Children and adults alike benefit from the renewed confidence and sense that they are no longer defined by the exaggerated appearance of their ears, and the psychological benefit is immeasurable.

​Facial and Chin Implants

Dr. Subbio offers a variety of facial and chin implants tailored to a patients specific needs. Ranging from those who desire a stronger jawline, a more prominent chin, or more developed cheekbones, Simple outpatient procedures allow placement of a firm shaped silicone implant to add volume or form where it is deficient.

​Facial Fat Grafting

A different kind of filler- completely natural and permanent. One of the most common signs of facial aging is the deflation of the smooth contours of the face through fat atrophy. Dr. Subbio is able to harvest fat from the abdomen or thighs using a special liposuction technique, but instead of discarding it, uses it to restore the natural facial fullness of youth. Unlike Juvederm and Restylane, this technique is permanent and does not typically need yearly touchups.

Ear Lobe Repair

Dr. Subbio is able to repair earlobes which have been torn from earrings or stretched by “gauging”. The procedure involves realigning the torn edges in the office and suturing them together to heal. The scar is typically imperceptible once the ear is re-pierced weeks later.

Scar Revision

Dr. Subbio is able to revise scars by recreating the wound and suturing it more perfectly, erasing the indented appearance, placing grafts underneath the scar to lift them, dermabrading them to “blur” the line, or other techniques. The procedure can drastically reduce the appearance of the scar which might otherwise call attention to itself, causing unwanted embarrassment or anxiety.

Non-Surgical Face (Lasers, Dermabrasion,Fillers, Botox…)

Not all facial aging necessarily needs a surgical solution. In fact, many of the more subtle signs of aging, especially in one’s 30’s,40’s,and 50’s, can be treated by a variety of non-surgical options. In a carefully selected patient, injectables like Botox or Juvederm can subtract years, all in a short office session. Laser treatments, Chemical peels, and dermabrasion provide other means by which Dr. Subbio can revitalize your skin, giving you a brighter, more rested and healthy look.

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