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Body Plastic Surgery

Everyone wants a smooth and sculpted body contour, and the reality is that Subbio Plastic Surgery can accomplish just that.

Pregnancies, weight gain and weight loss can leave a woman’s abdomen stretched, scarred, loose and saggy. Many men also suffer from unsightly fat around the stomach, waist and love-handles. Both men and women have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. At Subbio Plastic Surgery, we provide a full range of cosmetic body contouring procedures and options to help you to achieve your goals. Click on a procedure to obtain more information.


One of Dr. Subbio’s most popular procedures, liposuction can remove deposits of fat that might otherwise take months of intense exercise to lose, if at all! The procedure can be done under a light sedation, during which Dr. Subbio will suction out these deposits and “deflate” the targeted areas. Later, the patient will wear compression garments for several weeks to allow the now loosened skin to stick back down tightly to the contoured area, producing a significant slimming effect. Liposuction is the perfect way to attack those areas of stubborn fat that just don’t seem to shrink despite one’s best efforts.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The classic tummy tuck, or the lesser version (the Mini-Tummy Tuck), both give drastic improvements to the abdomen, flank, and waistline. Not only will Dr. Subbio remove a tremendous amount of excess skin and fat, but he will also create an internal corset of stitches at the abdominal wall to shrink and tighten the waistline from within. Patients go from having the dreaded “paunch” or “belly”, to a flat, tight, and trim midsection immediately. The scars are typically well-hidden beneath the pant line, so no one needs to be the wiser!

​Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Dr. Subbio is able to tighten the skin of the upper arms which might otherwise hang, jiggle, or swing. This can be done with a combination of liposuction as well as removing the excess skin directly. Scars can be well hidden in mild cases, but may extend down the arm for more severe conditions.

​Lower Body Lift (Trunk Lift)

The body lift is a powerful tool to drastically improve not only the lower abdomen, but extending all the way round both flanks onto the back as well. This removes fat from the entire waistline, not just the front, and can have a drastic slimming effect. It is often used in patients who have experienced massive weight loss and are now looking to remove the plethora of hanging skin which affects all parts of the trunk. It can also have a lifting in effect on the buttocks at the same time.

Thigh Lift

The thigh lift can address the excess hanging skin and fat that can accumulate particularly in the inner thighs. This skin may not only be unsightly to the patient, but can cause irritation, and limitation of activities in more involved cases. Removing this skin can greatly improve a patient’s appearance, mobility, and self-image.

Post-Weight Loss Skin Removal

Many of the above procedures fall into the category of “post-bariatric body contouring”, which basically means various forms of removing the excess hanging skin after massive weight loss. After patients have gone through incredible effort and sacrifice to lose such weight, they are of course distressed when they are afflicted by the symptoms and sight of the massive amounts of excess skin left behind. Dr. Subbio is well-versed in the many surgical options available to remove this skin, reshape the limbs and trunk, and restore the patient’s body image. These are some of the happiest and most transformed patients which Dr. Subbio treats.

​Buttock Lift / Augmentation

Dr. Subbio is able to lift and/or augment the buttocks through a variety of procedures. These can involve transferring unwanted fat from other areas such as the abdomen and thighs through liposuction techniques (aka, the “Brazilian Butt Lift”), or perhaps removing skin at the waist area to pull the buttocks into a more elevated and aesthetic position. Regardless of the technique, Dr. Subbio has the artistic eye to give you natural, beautiful results.