Cost & Financing Cost & Financing

Cost & Financing... Yes You Can!

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments have long been considered to be within reach of only the wealthiest Americans. We here at Subbio Plastic Surgery want you to be able to look and feel your best regardless of your income or financial situation.

That’s why we offer payment plans which allow you tackle the costs a fraction at a time. Now you can have the look you’ve dreamt about for so long but thought was financially out of reach. We even have options allowing 0% interest!

Payment Options

Cash, Credit, Check: We accept all major credit cards.

Care Credit: Care Credit is the newest in Cosmetic Procedure Payment Options. With Care Credit, we offer a 12 month term loan at 0% interest. Apply here for an instant approval.

Additional Incentives and Adjustments: Subbio Plastic Surgery has various options to add additional discounts to the price of your procedure. By referring friends, family, and colleagues, or by simply helping to spread the word via social media; ask about these options today!

What goes into a final Price?

Surgeons Fee: Fee charged by Dr. Subbio for the safe & skilled performance of the procedure, and all subsequent postoperative visits and correspondence until healed.

Facility Fee: Fee charged by the surgicenter or hospital in which the procedure is performed. This covers nursing, technical aides, registration, and equipment and materials.

Anesthesia Fee: This fee is charged by the Anesthesiologist who is responsible for the safe administration of either twilight or general anesthesia. Dr. Subbio works with only the most skilled and qualified professionals to make your procedure safe and reliable. Too many providers look to cut corners here by performing large procedures in their office without an anesthesiologist: to be clear, this is not the area where you want to save on costs.