Spring Into Beauty at Subbio’s – April 2019

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April Specials 2019


February 2019 – A Subbio Valentine

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Love Your Look This February

Have we told you lately that we love you? Well we do!

We know we have the BEST patients in the entire world and no one can tell us differently! That’s why we want to share the LOVE and the SAVINGS with you this February.

Call us at 610-356-6100 to reserve your special today.

Can’t make it in this month? Prepay for the special you like and we will reserve it on your account so it is ready for you when you move forward.


20% off all BREAST and BODY procedures!

Back by popular demand! Our patients were asking for a breast and body special and Dr. Subbio decided to bring THIS back!

Only Have Eyes for You

Clearlift + Pelleve Eye Package of 8



A Facial You’ll Fall in Love With

Introducing “The Brightening Facial” by Skinbetter Science



Lose the Love Handles


for 2 treatments and Alastin Transform Body Cream (a $1000 savings)

Who in their right minds named our side fat love handles?! Loathe handles seems more appropriate for that area of stubborn fat, that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard you try!

Well we’ve got the solution to eliminate those “love” handles.

2 treatments of TruSculpt and a complimentary Alastin Transform Body Cream to use in between treatments for optimal results!


Break Up With Your Sun Spots

IPL + Hydrafacial COMBO


Laser Hair Removal Special


No Lines For Valentines

Love is in the Hair

Whether you want to thicken existing hair or restore hair loss
we’ve got you covered!

We are proud to introduce Dr. Subbio’s

Hair Restoration Program!

Not everyone loses hair for the same reasons, that’s why we’ve designed a tiered platform program, to treat each individuals unique needs.
With our new NeoGraft hair restoration, PRP injections, custom Subbio hair products and supplements, we are confident we have a program to help you reach your hair goals.


Please email chelsea@drsubbio.com for more information!


January 2019 Specials – The Subbio Experience

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It’s the beginning of 2019! What are you waiting for?
Now’s the time to start PREPPING your BODY and SKIN for the Spring and Summer seasons and @subbiomedicalspa is ready to get you started!
Take a look at our New Year New You Specials! Laser Hair Removal, 360 Lipo, FIllers, Hydrafacial & more!


Call us at 610-356-6100 to book your appointment.
Our Medical Spa is now open on Saturdays from 9am – 3pm.
We CAN’T WAIT to take care of you!



We brought back December’s special just for YOU!
– Purchase Any 1 Filler and get 10 FREE Units of Botox
– Purchase Any 2 Fillers and get 20 FREE Units of Botox
Not ready? Prepay to use at a later time!


$1500 Off 360 Liposucition
Liposuction around the torso for a total body contoured look.
Call the office today at 610-356-6100 to book your consultation.
Dr. Subbio is ready to PREP your body for the summer season.


Hydrafacial & Microneedling Combo – $375

That’s Right TWO of our favorite treatments combined to give you OPTIMAL anti-aging experience! This treatment is the PERFECT winter special to get your skin feeling and looking its absolute BEST!!!!


Purchase a Package of 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments and Get 3 Free!

Purchase a package and we will give you the maintenance treatments!
All packages must be paid in full in order to qualify for this promotion. Promotion is valid for ALL AREAS!


The Laser Facial – Clear Lift – 3 for $600 (reg. $900)

Radiance, clarity and smooth texture are the hallmarks of youthful skin. But over time, the effects of aging and sun exposure can take their toll.
ClearLift is one the most popular non-invasive, NO PAIN & no downtime laser treatments. ClearLift treats a variety of age-related skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photo-damage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity. For all skin types.

IPL Facial Treatment 3 for $600 (reg. $900)

We know how much you LOVE IPL treatments. It’s the #1 treatment to get rid of skin pigmentation caused by aging skin & sun damage.


Did you know IPL can also be a great solution for acne scarring & rosacea? It’s true! IPLs can transform the skin in as little as one treatment!

NeoGraft – Hair Transplant

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Introducing NeoGraft

For many, a full head of hair represents attractiveness and desirability both personally and professionally. For this reason, it is vital to understand what effects a hair restoration procedure can have on your daily interactions with people and in all other aspects of your life. Hair Restoration should be unnoticeable to all but those you tell.

The facts are that approximately 50 million men and approximately 30 million women suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair. Many potential patients shy-away from (or are not candidates for) the traditional “strip method” of hair replacement because of the slow recovery time, the loss of feeling at the incision site, the tiny linear scar on the back of the head, or the amount of post-operative pain involved.

After much research, we have chosen to offer the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method utilizing the NeoGraft® Automated Hair Transplantation system. The FUE method of hair transplantation removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings of about 1-4 hairs and are then placed in the areas of the scalp where balding has occurred.
Reasons Why The NeoGraft® Procedure Is The Solution:

  • It is the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation
  • Patients who receive the NeoGraft® procedure feel little to no discomfort
  • No stitches or staples are used in the NeoGraft® procedure
  • No unsightly linear scar
  • Flexibility for any hair style of your choice, short or long
  • Shorter recovery time – patients can typically go back to work the next day
  • Fewer restrictions on your normal daily activities
  • Natural looking results

Why Choose the NeoGraft® Procedure?

The NeoGraft® system is the first and only FDA cleared follicular unit harvesting and implantation system. The NeoGraft® system delivers automation of the FUE technique, the most advanced technique in the hair transplant industry. This revolutionary system uses pneumatic controls to precisely extract complete individual hair follicles which can be immediately transplanted to the selected areas of the scalp. The NeoGraft® automated hair transplantation system is the only complete harvesting system on the market and has the only ‘NO TOUCH’ implantation technology.

Hair Restoration with NeoGraft® technology provides absolute exact harvesting and placement, delivering repeatable results. With NeoGraft’s technology each follicle is removed individually while the patient is comfortable. A natural looking head of hair is created with this minimally-invasive procedure.

Hair loss can be a very emotional part of the natural aging process, and seeking ways to curb this process used to be a challenge. NeoGraft’s advanced technology offers a discrete solution to hair loss, allowing patients to achieve natural looking results with no linear scar, minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period.  Hair restoration with the NeoGraft® procedure is unnoticeable, making it your secret to tell.

Before & Afters






December Specials 2018 – A Subbio Holiday

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‘Tis the season to join us and experience
Subbio Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa!
We have hand selected our most popular and most successful treatments and can’t wait to make you feel GLAMOROUS for the holiday season! Don’t miss out on these special treats and make sure this month to do something for YOU! The holidays can be stressful but you don’t have to let it wear you down! Just come to Subbio’s – where we are prepared to leave you looking and feeling stress free!
Call us at 610-356-6100 to book your appointment today!
DON’T FORGET – We now have hours
EVERY SATURDAY from 9am – 3pm!


Gift Card Special

Give the gift of Subbio this holiday season! For Every $100 you spend on gift cards, please enjoy a $20 gift card on us! This may be used towards all of our MedSpa services!

Vitamin C Hydrafacial – $175

40% Off All TruSculpt Packages

30% Off All Non-invasive Skin Tightening Packages

Filler Specials

Microneedling & Photofacial Special

Purchase a Microneedling or Photofacial treatment and get a complimentary DermaPlane treatment. Dermaplaning goes great with any treatment – it’s a manual exfoliation that prepares your skin for OPTIMAL RESULTS! Call us now at 610-356-6100 to book your appointment today! Microneedling – $350 PhotoFacial – $300

Extended Promotions


Breast Augment Event!

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During Dr. Subbio’s Breast Augment Event, when you come in for a consult in October or November, we’ll cover the cost of your implants! Call 610-356-6100 to book your consult today.*

*Consult must occur in October or November. Surgery must be scheduled and occur by January 31st. Saline and round silicone implants will be covered. Shaped silicone will incur an additional charge. May not be combined with any other discounts or offers.

Morpheus8 and EmbraceRF at Subbio

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For those looking to enhance the quality of the skin Morpheus8 uses external radio-frequency heat to contour the face. Morpheus8 molds the face in order to morph the aging facial features into a more youthful appearance.

EmbraceRF is a technology that performs subdermal adipose remodeling of the face. It is the perfect answer for patients not yet ready for a facelift, combining the minimially invasive FaceTite with radiofrequency microneedling (Morpheus) to tighten the skin and build collagen.

BOTOXIO Event September 26th and 27th!

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is for Botox Party!!!
UPDATE September 27th is FULLY BOOKED! Due to high demand, we’ve added slots on September 26th, call 610-356-6100 to schedule!
Have you heard?! Dr. Subbio is having a huge botox event on September 27th. He will be offering botox savings of :
$150 off 40 units or $75 off 20 units!
*Our Aesthetic nurse, Jan Costa RN will be honoring the above package to equate to
$10.25/unit, not $150/$75 off her typical pricing. *
Spots are filling fast! Call the office to reserve your spot! 610-356-6100
Plus, exclusive specials on
  • Dermal Fillers
  • truSculpt 3D packages
  • MedSpa services

September Specials: The ABCs of Beauty

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is for Acne
Get back to school skin for you or your teen!
$50 off Acne Treatment Facial (regularly priced at $250) and 10% off our best selling BanAcne skin care system.
Take the first step to a clearer complexion with our signature acne treatment facial. This 5 step procedure includes
  • Double Cleanse
  • Extractions
  • Dermaplaning
  • Mild Chemical Peel
  • Masque to soothe, refine and replenish.
10% off BanAcne Kits
(Retails at $70)
3-Step System for Acne. Cleanse-Polish-Recover with the power of Bananas! Banana peels are naturally antiseptic, so they prevent the bacterial infections that cause acne. Banana oil contains plenty of Vitamin E, lutein, and zinc, which clear up blemishes and prevent wrinkles. The starch found in banana oil helps dry out excess oil that could clog pores and cause future breakouts.
No Added Chemicals
No Benzoyl Peroxide
No Sulfates
No Parabens
is for Botox Party!!!
UPDATE: Due to high demand, we’ve added slots on September 26th, call 610-356-6100 to schedule!
SOLD OUT! Have you heard?! Dr. Subbio is having a huge botox event on September 27th. He will be offering botox savings of :
$150 off 40 units or$75 off 20 units!
*Our Aesthetic nurse, Jan Costa RN will be honoring the above package to equate to
$10.25/unit, not $150/$75 off her typical pricing. *
Spots are filling fast! Call the office to reserve your spot! 610-356-6100
Plus, exclusive specials on
  • Dermal Fillers
  • truSculpt 3D packages
  • MedSpa services
is for circumferential fat reduction
Stop by our office on
Tuesday September 18th for our truSculpt3D open house!!!!
The event will take place from 12:00-2:00 with a live demonstration of the procedure, special package pricing, and light snacks and beverages being provided. Please use the link provided below to send your RSVP via email to Megan Higgins if you plan on joining us!
$99 Laser Hair Removal
This price is for one medium size area, Multiple areas can be purchased at the $99 price but must be used at the time of treatment.
Subbio Signature Reward Members…stop in the office this month to pick up your FREE LumiLactic-C Serum by ClearChoice (retails for $96). This serum combines 10% Lactic Acid and 15% Vitamin C to repair, brighten, and stimulate new healthier looking skin!

June Specials

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Battle of the Bikini Bulge
Are you still struggling to shed some of that winter weight, despite a good diet and exercise? Well we want to help you win that battle this summer, with the help of TruSculpt 3D and Kybella.
Get 15% off a package of Trusculpt this month!*
10% off a syringe of Kybella!**
*Package must be purchased during the month of June
** Treatment must occur during month of June
FaceTite – $1,000 off
Get the skin tightening results of a mini face lift in office with minimally invasive FaceTite. Jowls and sagging facial skin are tightened with just a small incision done in the office under local anesthesia.
Call 610-356-6100 to schedule your consult for $1,000 off FaceTite!*
Consultation must be completed by August 31st
procedure must be completed by October 31st.
Vaser Hi-Def Lipo – 20% off!*
Dr. Subbio is the only surgeon in Philly offering Vaser High-Def Liposuction, a cutting edge technique to sculpt your muscles and curves.
Call 610-356-6100 today to schedule your consultation!
*20% off surgeon’s fee. Consultation must be completed by August 31st. Procedure must be completed by October 31st.
Buy a package, get a free product!
Home care is the basis for healthy skin so for the month of June, when you purchase a package, you get a skincare product for free!*
  • Neck- Revision Nectifirm
  • Face and neck- FactorFive
  • Eyes- DEJ eyes or Retrinal eyes
Microneedling- FactorFive Cream
Laser Hair Removal**- Glybright Pads or Copper Ice Cream
*While supplies last
**product dependent on area
$99 Year of Savings-Custom Chemical Peel + Masque .
Let our esthetician, Morgan, help you peel away those winter layers with a chemical peel designed for your specific skin type, finished with a soothing, moisturizing masque. Call the office to book your appointment!
This month our members can add on a complimentary Vitamin C, Growth factor, or Hyrdroquinone booster to your custom chemical peel with Morgan.
Do you want $10/unit Botox, special filler prices, and a host of other perks all year? Call the office to find out how to join our VIP program!